Trades and Transition Programs


The Digital Arts and Design Academy (D.A.T.A.)
The Digital Arts and Design Academy (D.A.T.A.) is a project–based curriculum targeted at grade 11-12 students who are interested in software design and development. Over the course of the program, students develop skills in digital art, design, computer programming, mathematics and project management.  Students will create approximately five video game projects in addition to several smaller animation and design activities, working both individually and in small groups.  Throughout the program, guest speakers from industry will talk with students about opportunities in local companies and post-secondary education.  These conversations, combined with field trips that take us around the province, help students gain an appreciation for the scope of opportunities available to them, should they choose to pursue a career in the digital media or software development (coding) industries.

Who Attends: Grade 11 and 12 students

Date:  Semester 1, September - January

Location: Sa-Hali Secondary School

Fee: $350.00 - Due at the time of application (Make cheques payable to "SD73")

Application Due Date: February 18, 2022

ApplicationDATA Application for 2022-2023 Fall Intake (Please print ONE-SIDED)


This one year program is designed to enable students to attain their Certificate of Qualification in Hairstyling while also earning high school elective credit.

Under the tutelage of our Red Seal stylist, who is also a certified teacher, students will experience:

  • Theory of hairdressing fundamentals
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Establishing a professional image
  • Salon ecology (hygiene, bacteriology and sanitation)
  • Advanced hair services (cutting, hair colouring and permanent waving)
  • Retail sales and marketing
  • Salon management

Who Attends:  All district students can apply in grade 10 or 11, program commencing second semester of their grade 11 year

Date: February 2023 to January 2024 (second semester of school year, 300 work experience hours over the summer and first semester of the following year)

Location: La Bella Saints, a full service salon and training facility housed at NorKam Senior Secondary

Fee: $1,260.00 ($60.00 non-refundable deposit, all supplies and textbooks included) Make cheques out to "SD73"

Application Due Date: March 4, 2022 (For February 2023 Intake)

ApplicationHairstylist Application - Winter 2023 Intake (Please print ONE-SIDED)

NorKam Trades Samplers - Want to try a trade?

The Samplers provide students with tangible skills related to daily work in each of the four trades they study, as well as developing their understanding of the professionalism of a tradesperson. The program instills safe workplace practices, student skill development and encourages design, planning, production and evaluation of various techniques and projects.

The Samplers are a one semester program (16 credits) offered at the Trades and Technology Centre at the NorKam Senior Secondary School Campus.  All grade 10-12 students from SD73 are eligible. Students spend the entire semester at the Trades and Technology Centre, returning to their home school at the end of their Sampler.

Who Attends: Students in grades 10, 11 and 12

Date: Semester 1 or Semester 2

Location: NorKam Trades and Technology Centre

Fee: TRU Registration fee $31.02 to be included with submission of completed application (Cheques payable to "SD73")

Application Due Date: February 18, 2022

Application:  Sampler Application - 2022-2023 School Year  (Please print ONE-SIDED)


Please click here to see our school district's Trades and Transitions page for more info.

TRU Start Programs (Healthcare Assistant)
The Health Care Assistant program is designed to help students graduate from high school while also attaining certification as a Health Care Assistant. Learned skills are applied in the community through care and assisted living facilities and private homes. This program is designed to train the health care worker to assist the older adult in meeting his/her basic physical, emotional, environmental and social needs. Students learn to provide practical assistance and help maintain the client's maximum independence within his/her ability.
  • Students will earn 32 credits after successful completion of the program. Approximately four credits per month for the duration of the course will be applied towards their high school graduation
  • These courses will be recorded on the student’s transcript as grade 12 elective courses
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive a Health Care Assistant Certificate

Who Attends: Any district student who meets the criteria listed in the TRU Start application and has the recommendation of his or her school

Date: Students attend in their grade 12 year

Location:  Thompson Rivers University

Fee: TRU Registration fee $30.42 to be included with submission of completed application (Cheques payable to "SD73")

*Tuition is paid by the School District, all ancillary fees are the responsibility of the student.  Please see application for estimated costs.*

Application Due Date: February 18, 2021

ApplicationTRU Start - Health Care Assistant Application Fall 2021 (Please print ONE-SIDED)

TRU Start Programs (Early Childhood Education)

The Early Childhood Education Diploma program provides an exemplary model of innovative practice and opportunities for classroom-based research where students can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective educators of young children. Areas of learning include: developing relationships with children, child development, child guidance, interpersonal relations, educational theories, designing and developing curriculum content, reflective practice, working with families and program management. Practical fieldwork experience is a component of each semester.

  • Students will earn 32 credits after successful completion of the program that will be applied to their Dogwood Diploma
  • These courses will be recorded on the student’s transcript as grade 12 elective courses
  • Students will be eligible for a license to practice as an Early Childhood Educator upon successful completion of the 2nd year
  • School District No. 73 covers the cost of the tuition: approximately $3,100.00 of the first year’s tuition (subject to change). Other ancillary costs are paid by the student

Who Attends: Any district student with a school recommendation and who meets the criteria listed in the TRU Start Application 

Date: Students attend their first year during their grade 12 year. The program involves a second year after graduation

Location:  Thompson Rivers University

Fee: TRU Registration fee $31.02 to be included with submission of completed application (Cheques payable to "SD73")

*Tuition is paid by the School District, all ancillary fees are the responsibility of the student.  Please see application for estimated costs.*

Application Due Date: February 18, 2022

ApplicationTRU Start - Early Childhood Education Application Fall 2022 (Please print ONE-SIDED)

Youth Train in Trades - TRU Trades Program

Foundation programs provide the knowledge and skills needed for entry into an industry occupation, and the technical training component of an apprenticeship program. This is an innovative partnership between Thompson Rivers University and School District No. 73, bridging secondary and post-secondary education and training while enhancing transition to the workforce. These programs allow grade 10 or 11 students to apply for a Youth Train In Trades Program at TRU in their grade 12 year. For each program the school district pays the tuition and students pay the ancillary fees - a considerable cost savings compared to an adult entering a foundation program!


Who Attends: Students in their grade 12 year

Date: Start dates vary by program - see the application for details

Location: Thompson Rivers University or NorKam Trades Centre (Millwright program)

Fee: Ancillary fees range from $1,800 - $2,400 (depending on the length of the program and tools required)

Application Fee: $31.02 to be included with submission of completed application (Cheques payable to "SD73")

Application Due Date: February 18, 2022


Grade 10 Application - 2023-2024 School Year(Please print ONE-SIDED)

Grade 11 Application - 2022-2023 School Year (Please print ONE-SIDED)

Youth Work in Trades - Have a job?

Any student who was or is working part time - or full time during the summer - with a ticketed tradesperson is eligible for the Youth Work In Trades Program. Students may earn up to 16 high school credits (four senior courses), while also accumulating apprenticeship hours with the Industry Training Authority, giving them a "head start" if they choose to pursue an apprenticeship in a recognized trade.

To enrol in the program students must be:

  • Working or have worked in a paid position, with worksafe coverage (includes honorariums)
  • Working or have worked with a qualified tradesperson (journeyperson or Red Seal)

With 900 hours and a C+ average on grade 12 courses students also qualify for a $1,000 award from the government, received after graduation.

Who Attends: This is an opportunity for students 15 years and older who meet the enrolment criteria stated above

Date: Students can enrol any time during the year through their school TnT coordinator, or by emailing the District Trades and Transitions Department. 

ApplicationYouth Work in Trades Registration  (Please print one sided)


In addition to credit-based opportunities, students can explore career opportunities through a variety of camps and short programs such as:

Heavy Metal Rocks

The Heavy Metal Rocks Program provides opportunities for students to explore career choices as heavy equipment operators in a variety of industries. Twenty six grade 11 and 12 students from SD73 will gain experience operating heavy machinery with one-to-one guidance and mentorship from a certified operator.

Students also receive certifications in first aide, site safety, WHMIS, forklift operation and aerial platform lift operation.

More than 50 companies and sponsors, along with a large number of individuals, volunteer hours, equipment, and supplies, make this program a continued success. Watch the Heavy Metal Rocks Video or view the Heavy Metal Rocks Photo Gallery!

Who Attends: All district students in grades 11 and 12 can apply, although preference is given to qualifying grade 12 students

Date:  April 6-9, 2022

Location: T’Kemlups Indian Band gravel pit                                                      

Fee: $175.00

Application Due Date: Jan 7, 2022


McQueen Lake Forestry and Environmental Studies Camp

The Forestry and Environmental Studies Camp will be a two day camp that is hosted at the McQueen Lake Environmental Education Centre. Learning takes place in a forest and aquatic ecosystem system setting at the Centre.  Students learn about the diversity of various environments and the range of related employment opportunities. Students interested in a career in any of the following areas are advised to attend the camp to learn more about the following subjects:

  • Ecology, Silviculture – ecosystems, soil pits, plant & tree identification
  • Entomology – bark beetles, defoliators and other forest pests
  • Air Photos & Mapping – reading of maps & air photos, use of stereoscope
  • Search & Rescue – compassing, search plan & implementation
  • Range Ecology & Management – Lac du Bois grasslands
  • Tree Planting – BEC Zones, planting & restoration
  • Fire Management – hand tools, fire pump operation, skills competition
  • Aquatics – aquatic ecosystems, use of microscopes
  • First Nations – edible plants, medicines, culture
  • Forest Measurements – GPS, tree height, diameter, age & volume
  • Careers

Who Attends: Twenty-four grade 10-12 students

Date: Thursday October 14 to Friday October 15, 2021

Time: 9:00am - 8:30pm Thursday & 9:00am - 4:30pm Friday

Location: McQueen Lake Environmental Camp

Fee: $50.00

Application Due Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Application2021 Forestry and Environmental Camp Application

McQueen Lake - Forestry and Environmental Promotional Poster

RCMP Youth Academy - Spring Break

This program is designed for high school students aged 16 to 18 years who are interested in potential careers in police work, law enforcement or corrections. The RCMP Youth Academy will be held for 26 student participants in during Spring Break. Students who attend the Academy experience a variety of activities that a police cadet would experience, including fitness training, defensive tactics, application of the law, emergency response and K-9 demonstration. Guests from a variety of related services provide insight into opportunities in the field. Meals, lodging and a track suit uniform are supplied.

Who Attends: All district students in grades 10, 11 and 12 can apply, although preference will be given to grade 12 students

Date: Spring Break

Location: Brock Middle School        

Fee: $300 for School District No. 73 students and $500 for out of district applicants

Bussing: None

Special Requirements:

  • Selection is made in conjunction with a criminal record check and a fitness test

Application Due Date: December 15, 2021 - due to school TNT Coordinator

ApplicationApplication package

RCMP Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

RCMP Youth Advisory Committee students spend a day with members of the RCMP and school district staff to discuss issues related to youth in our city and region. The committee is comprised of students from every secondary school in our district, representing the diversity of our youth.

Who Attends: District students from grades 10, 11 and 12

Date: To be announced

Location: Henry Grube Education Centre

Fee: None

Application Due Date: To be announced

Application: Details to follow

Take Our Kids to Work Day

Take Our Kids to Work Day – Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Take Our Kids to WorkTM is an annual national program in which Grade 9 (or equivalent) students are hosted by parents, friends, relatives and volunteers at workplaces across the country every November. The program supports career development by helping students connect school, the world of work, and their own futures.  More than 250,00 students and 75,000 organizations take part every year across Canada, from Nunavut to Newfoundland participate in the program.

It is an opportunity for students to explore career options, through:

  • Understanding the importance of staying in school by learning first-hand what skills are required in today’s workplace
  • Thinking about what aspects of their “work day” they liked and what they didn’t
  • Exploring career options in a practical way and gain a better understanding of just how many career choices are open to them
  • By spending a day in the life of a working adult, they develop an appreciation of their parents’ work and motivations

The more students understand about the jobs of their parents and relatives, the more informed the decisions about their own future career.  For more information, visit the website at

Who Attends: Students in grade 9 with an opportunity to visit the workplace of a family member

Date: November 3, 2021

Location: Arranged by parents / guardians

Consent form

Girls Exploring Trades and Technology

The Career Development Department will run the Girls Exploring Trades and Technology event twice throughout the school year. Each event is one day, hosted at Thompson Rivers University. Female students gain confidence through hands-on experience in a variety of trades, led by Red Seal instructors, in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The students will try out a sampling of different trades and learn about future career opportunities. Female industry leaders share personal stories of their journeys in order to shed light on the opportunities available to young women pursing a trades-based career.

Who Attends:  48 Grade 6 - 9 females per event

Date:  December 7, 2021 & April 2022 (Date: TBD)

Location:  Thompson Rivers University

Application Process: Individual schools will distribute and collect application information

Fee:  $0

Junior Fire Crew

Successful student applicants will experience a 4 day introduction to the training and exercises involved in wildfire fighting. Students will receive instruction and lectures in fire suppression, communication, teamwork, physical training and a variety of other topics. They will be required to work in a team and partake in all of the planned activities.

Who Attends: Any district students in grades  11 and 12 can apply, although preference will be given to qualifying grade 12 students

Date: April 27-30, 2022  (8:00 am - 5:30 pm each day)

Location: Kamloops Wildfire Center and Pineridge Campus   

Fee: $150

Application Due Date: March 9, 2022


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