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Congratulations to our SKSS Grad class of 2020!!!

It goes without saying how proud both myself and all of our staff are with this amazing accomplishment. Your grad class of 2020 will be defined as an outstanding group of students who leave a legacy on our campus defined by dedication, spirit and an untiring passion to welcome all entry points of learning. As you leave our campus, be guided by your ability and knowledge to be a positive difference maker in society and use your Titans education to benefit others, as it has done for you. Congratulations and I wish you all the best as you move forward and begin to define who and what you are as a proud alumnus from South Kamloops Secondary School.

Mr. W. Kirschner,


South Kamloops Secondary Class of 2020 Grad Video

South Kamloops Secondary Class of 2020 Valedictorian Danielle Roche and Cohen Freeze

Cohen Freeze

My school experience has been more than what I could ask for. I have made thousands of memories that will stick with me for years to come. Personally, I saw school as my second home. It was the best time to see friends and meet new people. 

Back in grade 8, I took math 9 with Ms. Poelzer and it was the best class I have ever had. She helped me excel in math and gain a passion for it. To this day, it is still my favourite subject. 

For the future, I plan on getting a bachelor of science degree. From there, I plan on becoming a dentist, however, nothing is set in stone. 

Personally, I would say the best message is to live life with no regrets. Keep in mind, making mistakes is different than making regrets. 

“You can retake a test, but you can’t relive a party”

Danielle Roche

I was unprepared for how upset I am that my time at South Kam has come to an end. I have been so lucky to watch my classmates grow into some of the most intelligent and inspiring people I know. Being able to be part of athletics, clubs and Titans culture during the past 5 years has given me some of my greatest memories I’ll ever have.

Seeing the diversity of students at South Kam go along the same journey as me but in completely different manners is a huge inspiration. Some kids have learning issues, some are athletics all-stars, and some do school from home but regardless of everyone’s journey, we all ended up receiving our diplomas. 

Next year, I am going to be studying psychology at TRU. Eventually, far down the road, I hope to be working as a criminal psychologist in correctional facilities.

The experience of having a huge life change such as graduating from high school and going into the real world is something that truthfully is terrifying! But we all need to remember to cherish the last moments we have as titans as we have become family over the past 5 years. Despite failures and successes, everything will work out:)

“ Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”

                                                      - Kevin Kruse





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