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Student / Parent Portal Access 

The MyEducation Parent Portal is available for parents to review their students attendance and progress in classes.  It will give access to you, the parent,  to up-to-date attendance information and marks for some courses for your children.  

Please note that not all teachers are currently using the MyEducationBC Gradebook. Therefore, some teachers will be providing progress reports to their students in paper format. Other teachers have websites or other digital domains in which parents and guardians can access progress reports. I encourage you to make contact with your student’s teachers to receive information from them as to how often and in what format progress reports will be issued.

Use the following links to access the MyEducation Parent Portal and for instructions:


General Student/Parent Portal Info

-  Student Digital Account Support

MyEd73 Parent and Student Portal - Further Information

Report Cards will be posted to the Parent Portal in the box titled "Published Reports".  When you login to MyEd, look to the right side of the screen about half way down.  There you will find a box titled "Published Reports".  In that box is where you will find .pdf files for your students' report cards.  The report cards will not remain posted to the portal indefinitely so be sure to print or download a copy for your records. If you don't see the Published Reports box be sure to check that you are in the "Pages" top tab along the top of the screen.

Course Selection

-  Student Course Selection Instructions video

-  Parent Course Selection Instructions video


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