School Learning Plan

South Kamloops Secondary School Learning Plan

Our School Learning Plan at SKSS outlines our collective priorities and goals as a school and how we plan to support each of our students with the implementation of the new curriculum from grades 8-12 on our campus.

In 2016/17 we started an extensive consultation process with our staff, students, and our community to define our collective vision at SKSS.  with a goal of creating a vision statement that develops a strong sense of ownership and opportunity for each of our learners and school community, we used this process as a foundation to create a school learning plan that at its core is student centered and focussed on student success.  Our new SKSS Vision Statement is as follows:

"We strive to be an inclusive community that values and encourages learning and global citizenship."

Please feel free to look over our SKSS SLP and review our strategies and goals that will guide and support our students and staff from 2017-2022.

Our SKSS School Goals:

1. SKSS students will demonstrate growth in the Thinking, Communication, and Personal/Social Competencies.

2. SKSS students will increase their sense of pride and responsibility within our school and the wider community.


For further information, please see our complete School Learning Plan.

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