Extra-Curricular Activities

SKSS Clubs and Activities 2023-2024

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Club/Activity Contact Day Time Room
Art Club Mrs. Yamaoka Thursday (see posted dates) 3:00pm-5:00pm 117
Art Workshop (Grade 8/9) Mrs. Yamaoka Tuesday (Nov 7 to Dec 19) Lunch 117
Book Club / Battle of the Books Ms. Rimmer Wednesday Lunch Library
Chess Club Mr. Arkinstall Thursday Lunch 214
D.E.L.F. (Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française)        
Debate Club Mr. Wilson & Mr. Hallett Thursday Lunch 112
District Council Mr. Kirschner 4 times per school year    
Dungeons and Dragons Club Mr. Hallett Tuesday 3:30pm - 6:00pm Library
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Ms. Hay Wednesday Lunch 211
Games (board and card) Club Mrs. Cooluris Tues/Thurs Lunch 220
Green Club Mrs. Cameron Monday Lunch 222
GSA Ms. Richter Thursday Lunch 111
Intramurals Mr. Kozoris Mon-Fri Lunch Gym
Junior City Council Mr. Kirschner Once per month    
Law & Policy Club Mr. Annicharico Tues/Thurs Lunch 115
LINKCrew Mr. Ansley Tuesday Lunch 136
Metal Club Mr. Gadd Most Days Lunch Metalshop
Mind Health Matters Ms. Gillis Monday Lunch 112
Model United Nations Mr. Ansley 1-2 Fridays per month Lunch 136
Mountain Bike Club Ms. Scallon
Mr. Milburn
Fall - Tuesday After school Various Locations
Music Council Mrs. McRae once or twice a month Lunch Music Room
Musical Theatre Club Ms. Fonseca starting March 2024 Lunch 135
Newspaper Club Mr. Hallett Mondays Lunch 110
Peer Tutoring Group Mrs. Tomm Wednesday Lunch 120
Principal's Council Mr. Kirschner Wednesday Lunch 136
Personal Finance and Economics Club Mr. Hickey Friday Lunch 213
School Choir Mrs. McRae Friday Lunch Music Room
Sending Sunshine Club Mrs. Cuthbertson Wednesday Lunch  
Secwepemc Youth Council Mr. Wilson 3rd Tuesday of every month Lunch 112
Social Activism Club Mr. Wilson Friday Lunch 112
SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) Ms. Richter Tuesday Lunch 111
Student Music Council Mrs. McRae Thurs or Fri (every second week) Lunch Music Room
Textiles Club Miss Neubauer Most Days Lunch 204
Titans Theatre Arts Club
A major play is produced each year
Tryouts and then practices run December to April for the big play
Ms. Fonseca     135
Woodworking - CNC Group Ms. Scallon Wednesday Lunch 132
Yoga Club Mme Dion Tuesday Lunch Sagebrush Lobby

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