How a Summer Trades Job Pays Off for Students

Posted On Thursday June 03, 2021

Families of students working in trades-related summer jobs need to know their students can earn more than wages. They can also earn credit toward their high school diploma, credit for apprenticeship hours, and a $1,000 Youth Work in Trades Award.

“We want families to know that if they have a student aspiring to work in a trade, there are more benefits available through their trades-related summer job than the money they will earn,” said Rob Wielgoz, District Principal, Trades and Transitions.

A student with a summer job in a trade can qualify for additional benefits if they are:

  •  working with a certified trades person,
  • doing work related to a trade,
  • working in a workplace covered by WorkSafe BC,
  • being paid via a paycheque or an honorarium.

“Students who work alongside a certified tradesperson can make those hours really pay off,” said Wielgoz. “Maybe the job is in a kitchen, or on a construction site, or with a landscaper, or in a salon. There are so many ways students can earn hours that will help them qualify.”

For every 120 hours they work in a certified trade, a student earns the equivalent of one high school course (4 credits), up to a maximum of four courses (16 credits).

Students who complete 900 hours of trades-related work and graduate with a C+ or better average will receive a $1,000 award from the government for trying a trade.

If a student pursues an apprenticeship in the same industry, the Youth Work in Trades hours can be applied towards the work hours they require to become an apprentice.

To receive these additional benefits through the Youth Work in Trades program, students will need to register by September 30, 2021.

Students can talk to their school's Trades and Transitions coordinator, or email the Trades and Transitions team:

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